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Power of Prayer

By Remy Benoit

And prayer is more
Than an order of words, the conscious occupation
Of the praying mind, or the sound of the voice praying.
   T.S. Elliot
The other day I heard on the radio that the murder rate is  up 16% this year in New Orleans. With that announcement came a request of the city's Mayor Nagin.  He has asked that we pray.

The world needs prayer for healing and for survival.

There is tremendous power in prayer, both individual and collective.

What, who, pushes your triggers the most? Those are the people and the things that should be high on your priority prayer list. They have something to teach you.

If the music is truly between the notes, then the power of prayer is in the silence, the trusting, and the listening.

A lovely place to start is with a gratitude list. Perhaps you can begin with thanks for the bed you slept in last night, this morning's shower and first cup of coffee. At the other end of those things are the people who provided them for you. When was the last time you sent a prayer to the person who picked those coffee beans? And yet how many of us say 'I couldn't get going without that first cup of coffee?'

We are surrounded with things and people to be grateful for.  

If you have a problem, include it in your prayer and then let it go, trusting, listening for the way to its resolution.  Be open to receive what you need.    

Prayer Team.

Prayer for the Nation.

World Peace Prayer Society.


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