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A Reminder

By Remy Benoit

Tonight the people at Global Wildlife are hosting their Starry Safari to raise funds to maintain that delightful place.

A friend told me that his son was going to a drive-in out there is Arizona.

Remember them?

Truthfully, I did not know that there were any left. Somehow it is good to know that there are little sound boxes that still hook onto windows. Well, perhaps they are some new fangled thing, but the idea is the same.

Do you remember the swings, the silly clock on the screen? The bug spray? The stolen kisses tasting of Cherry Coke?

I saw a movie tonight, worked on my new book.

Don't know what you did tonight, but I hope it was pleasant, loving, productive, or relaxing.

Tomorrow is Sunday.

Some of us will sleep in; others go to a place of worship. I recall when I was very young we used to go get donuts at the Bakery. Perhaps some of us are more fat and calorie conscious now, perhaps not.

Maybe some of you will play ball, visit family, watch a movie, take a walk in the spring sun.

I'd like you to remember that our soldiers are out there on the front lines.

From Siegried Sassoon, a reminder Does It Matter.

Please make them know that it matters.

God Bless,


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