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Frist and the Filibuster

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC, The Washington Post and Charles Babington Frist likely to push for ban on filibusters.

Somewhere along the line here, we seem to have lost the idea of what the filibuster is about. It is not about who wants a nomination for office, nor who wants what appointments approved. Those people change.

The point of the filibuster is to make available to those who are supposed to represent their constituents, THE PEOPLE, a device to make the point of the people, all THE PEOPLE, even the minority, under the red, white, and blue.

From the Law Offices of David Randall Smith & Associates, Lex et Scientia Mr. Frist Goes to Washington: The Filibuster Debate.

The right of the filibuster has been referred to as a "corollary of free speech." From the Courier- Journal, Louisville, Kentucky McConnell, Bunning 'have powerful roles' in filibuster debate.

Mr. Smith? Is there a Mr. Smith out there today? If there is then please go to Washington, and start talking.


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