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By Remy Benoit

    The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.
         Benjamin Disraeli

I remember a little boy named Gregory from when we were very young.
We were the only two children on the block.
We rode the wooden swing set together that my Dad made for me.
Sometimes we had imaginary tea.
Gregory was my friend, and 50+ years later I remember him with joy.

There is a man out there who in 6th grade was my square dancing partner.
Later we taught together; him English, me history.
Today he is an English Department Chairman.
We haven’t been in the same room since 1972.
He is about 1500 miles from where I sit now, but we are connected.
We are friends.

There is a woman out there, somewhere, who shared my teenage dreams.
She used to do my hair, my so recalcitrant hair, in ways no one else could get it to go.
She was a sister to me and I to her.

Sylvia, wherever you are, I miss you.

There is a man up north; a man who served as a medic at Cu Chi.
Before we had ever even sat in the same room together, he was my friend.
He got me walking again after an injury that kept me down for a year and a half.
He is my friend.

There was my Aunt Margaret, her sister, my Grandmother who taught me to “Never say never.”
I could go on all afternoon

My point is this is a time to be grateful for all those who have touched our lives in so many ways.
No one of them could be “all” to us; but taken together they so enhance our lives.
Call, write, or just remember a special friend this season.

And do, go out and make a new friend.:)

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