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Hearth and Home

By Remy Benoit

   Today I am sharing one of my favorite quotes.

   It is from Anais Nin:
   "I chose the house for many reasons.  Because it seemed to have  sprouted out of the earth like a tree, so deeply grooved was it within the old garden.
    It had no cellar and the rooms rested right on the ground. Below the rug, I felt, was the earth. I could take root here, feel at one with the house and garden, take nourishment from them like plants...."

   As part of your journey to soul consciousness it is good to take stock of your living space.

   Does it nourish you?  Or does it in some way devour you?

   Does it root you to the planet; does it hold your spiritual nature lightly and with affection?

   What is there in it that still contains memories of things that you would like to let go? Can you prepare yourself to do that?

   Have you made space for quietude; for a personal sacred place?

   Have you made a place that specifically nutures your creative self?

   Does your home speak of who you truly are, or who someone else, and that includes commercial advertisers, think you should be?

   When you speak the word home what visions come to mind?

   Are those visions your reality? And if not, why not?

   Find peace,


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