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Male teachers

By Remy Benoit

From CBS, the Christian Science Monitor, and Jodi Helmer Where Are the Men?

I know men who wanted to teach. They didn't simply because to raise a family on a teacher's salary is very difficult. They would have been good teachers but we don't generally speaking put value on our teachers and thus, don't pay them well.

We also don't seem to understand that our schools are in real trouble; that curricula are out dated by decades and geared for a world that no longer exists.

We don't seem to realize that the way schools are structured the creativity of children is not encouraged. We teach competition, not communication, nor compassion. We need to teach The Three C's: Creativity, Compassion, Communication.

We need to teach real history, not "Pastology," not "feel good history," if we want our children to understand the world in which they are living.

Communities need to be active in schools. Young people should not be afraid to go to school. Buildings stand empty many of the non-school hours. They could be used as community centers encouraging cross generational activities. Our Seniors, and yeah, I guess I am one of them now, have a lot of skills that we could pass on to the young people.

We need to encourage, and yes, get out and chaperone, activities for the young people. Where I used to live, there were all kinds of activities for the Seniors, and none for the kids. Where I live now, I asked a young man what things there were here for them, and he laughed, smiled, and then said, "Cow tipping." Okay, this is the country, but I think it makes the point.

Get involved with the lives of your children. Know what is going on in their schools. Insist that your community sponsor events for them. Make them know you care.

It is a very sad state of education that in response to the question I asked of a very bright young man when he was graduated from high school, "What did you learn the last twelve years?" he said, "I learned to regurgitate." That is not learning, that is not opening up a mind to knowledge. That simply is not education.


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