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Tuesday Morning

By Remy Benoit

History is complex, just as each individual life is. As each layer is peeled back, there is another that needs tending. How that tending should be done is subject to the views of the players in the scene. Needs, perceived and real, often quite emotional, come into view in strident positions taken. The art of diplomacy is in examining and meeting those needs at a rational level. We need a great deal of reason in so very many areas to dig through the historical reasons, needs, and possibilities for resolution of world affairs.

From CNN Huge crowds at pro-Syria rally.

From CNN Bush to keep pressure on Syria.

From MSNBC China bill OKs military action against Taiwan.

From the AP and MSNBC Italy: Car carrying slain agent was not speeding Foreign minister demands U.S. explain Iraq shooting 'accident'.

No hope for respectible increase in minimum wage that has stood at $5.15 since 1996? From the AP and CBS News Senate Drops Minimum-Wage Boost.By the way, today's CNN poll shows at the moment, just before noon, that 80% of those voting support an increase in the minimum wage.

From the New York Times, Michael Moss, and Veterans for Common Sense Many Missteps Tied to Delay in Armor for Troops in Iraq.

Down History Lane with- The Arsenal of Democracy and FDR Radio Address Delivered by President Roosevelt From Washington, December 29, 1940. and America Firsters.

Higgins Boat, Louisiana. Just as a historical little aside, take a look here Timeline of Mardi Gras History. and see which wars called for the cancelling of Mardi Gras.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer and David Lynn Iraq veterans need support for PTSD.

They also need help with massive brain trauma and para/quadraplegic lives ahead.

From the Sacramento Bee, Pamela Martineau and Steve Wiegand Women at War.

Down History Lane with Women in World War II.

and Women in Vietnam.

From the San Francisco Chronicle and Dian Harrison Women worldwide face effects of Bush's gag rule.

And finally this morning, a strong Opinion from the Sydney Morning Herald and Richard Butler: Australia's ambassador for disarmament 1983-88; ambassador to the UN 1992-97; head of the UN Special Commission to Disarm Iraq 1997-99. Heavily armed duo in no position to lay down law on proliferation.

Operation Iraqi Freedom began March 19,2003.

From CNN - to date there have been 1682 coaliton troop deaths, 1509 of them Americans Forces: U.S. & Coaltion Casualties.


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