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Reflections on the Attack at the World Trade Center

By John94

I have shared this country's, the world's numbness for the passed twenty-four hours.
My God, I cannot imagine being there, and I don't presume to understand the pain of those involved—thinking of the total devastation of lives, property, and security for so many yesterday hurts on a level I've never known before.

Or actually, I have had hints of...when they'd show footage of yet another bombing in Palestine, Israel, Ireland, Croatia...or the shows would come on about feeding the starving children of third world countries, or the AIDS epidemic in Africa killing millions every year.

With those though, I could always turn off the TV, get back involved with my life, placating myself by doing volunteer work here, sending a little money there.

But this was "home," the place I thought would always be safe.

As long as I felt that way, I could push the tragedies of the rest of the world to the back of my consciousness. This tragic act has made me open my eyes and realize there's a lot of hurt all over the world, and that we all must be committed on a much deeper level to put an end to inhumanities in every fashion.

Our world is so rich, our lives are so blessed, yet there are countless others who are starving, diseased, oppressed and overrun; overlooked because we turn off the TV, turn away our heads-our hearts.

I want to cry out in my anguish- my horror at the act.

How could any group be so cold, so monstrous, so calculating?

I see on the news foreigners dancing to the music of our mournful wails and I'm sickened- sickened not only in their pleasure, but in our years of ignoring their own sorrow, harvesting the hatred in their hearts.

Bombings, carnage, rubble, these have been ingrained in everyday living in their country for years and years, and what really have we done?

Let this time of unthinkable pain serve to awaken our spirit to become more aware of the hurt that lies all over the world, and from our shared sufferings let there emerge a resolution to make tomorrow better for everyone alive.

Let this be a time of healing, for the victims themselves, for the loved ones of those lost or harmed: for we who have been touched, and for the whole world as well.

May calm and peace, care and protection be the words of our future.

May God grant us the strength to grow together instead of apart.

With a heavy but hopeful heart, John94


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