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Iraq, Media, and more

By Remy Benoit

From CNN:

and Barbara Starr Official: 13,000-17,000 insurgents in Iraq.

Insurgents again target Iraqi military.

Judge on tribunal that will try Saddam killed.

An opinion piece from the Daytona Beach News Journal and Pierre Tristam Out of context, lists of presumptive triumphs in Iraq.

From the Santa Barbara Independent and Nick Welsh. MEDIA MONSTER KILLER Corporate Media, Coming of the Rapture, and the Culture of Fear: Coffee Talk with Bill Moyers.

From the Toronto Star and Antonia Zerbisias Why are we dumbing down the news? BBC journalist warns students.

From the AP and Pentagon Must Stop Iraq Bombings.

From Reuters and Alan Elsner Suit Alleges Rumsfeld Approved Torture.

From Human Rights Watch Summary of International and U.S. Law Prohibiting Torture and Other Ill-treatment of Persons in Custody.

From Eugene, Oregon, the Herald Guard, the New York Times, and John Burns Five U.S. soldiers die in Iraq violence; 9 hurt.

From MSNBC,Newsweek, and Fareed Zakaria Imagine 500 Miles Per Gallon.


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