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Gary Jaocbson: "A Walk in the Park, One Soldier's Vietnam

By Remy Benoit

Once again we are engaged in war. Tomorrow is the Anniversary of Desert Storm. Today are troops are in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and a whole list of other places.

For those on the front lines, for those in combat, the world has turned upside down and become a hard, hard place to understand.

Gary Jacobson is the webmaster of an incredible, multi-layered, site "Vietnam Picture Tour. The site is filled with pictures, poems, writings, of the reality of being in war.

Gary also has an online novel, "A Walk in the Park, One Soldier's Vietnam." that requires us to think about the terror of engagement, the feelings of being alone in a foreign place, under fire from someone who considers you, as you do him, the enemy who is to be destroyed.

What happens in this mindframe to all that we have been taught before about love, about courage, country, about religious beliefs?

What happens to faith in the trenches, the rice paddies, the desert when those around you die, suffer terrible injuries, find the mental anguish unbearable? What happens to faith when you come to the realization that those on the opposing side are following, or losing, their convictions too?

Join Gary Jacobson at "A Walk in the Park, One Soldier's Vietnam.". and consider what those you love who are far away from home are feeling. Perhaps it will help you understand a bit what they will need from you when they come home.

Perhaps too, it will make you seriously consider their reality before you commit more to war.


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