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Writing Seminar: Spring and Connections

By Remy Benoit

It is said that when it came time to go "over there" in 1917, some asked 'where is Paris?' I read once, don't know if the quote is accurate, that JFK asked 'where is this Vietnam?'

The point is the world grows smaller each day and that conflicts constantly emerge because of lack of information, knowledge, familiarity, and fear.

Perhaps we would do well to look about our own homes and consider the points of origin of the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the machines we use. This morning I drank Coffee. not native here. At the moment, I have Spring Rolls - Egg Rolls. cooking, and Pasta. Are you wearing cotton clothes? Check out the label as to where they were made. What do you know about the people of the country who made them if they were not made here.

Ideas have come down to us through the centuries from all over the world. Some of you know the work of James Burke. who did the wonderful series Connections, The Day the Universe Changed, and Reconnections in which he shows us how ideas were spread and developed across the globe and time.

Consider the connections work of Wayne W. Dyer's Wisdom of the Ages.
Our knowledge of our planet, our universe, is still quite limited. But consider the work of Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton. Witten is considered by some to be the smartest man alive and Einstein's successor. Visit with him at Universe on a String. and begin to expand your vision of what an awesome gift life is.

Consider also the theories of:

The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Hunting for Higher Dimensions Peter Weiss.

If we begin to think in terms of not just what is visible, we begin to expand our vision, begin to see that all is truly interrelated and interdependent.

At a personal level of expansion, do read:

The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life by Deepak Chopra.

There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.

As you begin to expand your vision you can begin to see that we are progressing, albeit slowly. That life as we think of it is ever so much more than we can even contemplate the vast reality of. Yet that makes the place of each individual even more important as what we do, each of us, each and every day does have a Butterfly Effect.

Remember that everything is constantly changing. So if you are in a turbelent state now, there is some underlying order. Chaos Theory.

For your writing, try to think in terms of your problem in the overall course of human growth. What have you learned from what you can experience that you can share in a positive light with others.


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