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Living History/Reenactors

By Remy Benoit


Our collective history is all around us.

It is in the clothes we wear, the food we eat,  the houses we live in.

But it is so much more than that.

It is why we think the way we do, why we act the we do.

It is the basis for our culture;  it  is the basis for civilization itself.

If we do not understand it, if we do not seek it out, then we cannot make the decisions we
need to  in our daily lives.

The world is in tumult today. We need to understand the roots of all the conflicts,
concerns, and needs.
Perhaps  way back when you were in school, history only meant to you the memorization of dates. Well, yes, when things happened has significance, but the real thing to be learned from history it that it is about real people, just like you and me, trying to survive, trying to give their children more than they had.  All the vices and virtues of the human species told through the voices of those who lived wherever, whenever.

We have a great gift in having access to words, to books.  So many generations lived without that blessing. We can witness the greatest minds at work; we can learn through their words, their thoughts. We can see ourselves at our heights, we can see ourselves at our worst.

We can witness the awful face of war first hand.

We also have something else available to us that most generations did not have and that is LIVING HISTORY.

Yesterday I went to the LOUISIANA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL  with my daughter and son. We had a  wonderful day.  The costuming was delightful, the  practioners of this event delightfully into their roles.

We were introduced to the King and Queen, an unusual feeling for those who live in a representative democracy. We watched a joust, learned about birds of prey. We saw  our contemporaries don costumes of the Renaissance and  fall into character.

This particular event runs through December 8.  You will find what you need to know at:Louisiana Renaissance Festival.  If you do not live here,  don’t worry. There are festivals all over the country.
There are LIVING HISTORY reenactments of the Civil War, 1812, World War I, and many others. I have attended many of them. The only reservation I have is that if there are young ones it must be explained to them that in real battles real people suffer real wounds,  and real death. War is not a John Wayne movie.

Yet they and you can see clothes, equipment, encampments, etc. of a variety of times and there is true learning in that. Just  seeing the difference in the medical implements of the Civil War and now will open  eyes.

If you are a reenactor, if your organization is planning an event, do contact us and we will post it  here for you.

Perhaps you have had a curiosity, or you have thought about becoming a reenactor. Feel free to post your questions here and we will help you find someone to answer them.

Perhaps you are a reenactor and would like to tell us about why you do, what it means to you.

Perhaps you have an old time recipe you would like to share with us. Please do!

Perhaps you are a provisioner, a costume designer, a craftsman of instruments, period jewelry. Please share your thoughts, your sites with us.


Again, the Louisiana Renaissance Festival runs until December 8.        
Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Other sites include:

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Medieval Markets: Medieval Markets.

( Hey, all you Medievalists out there...that is Miz’ Remy’s love; so if you have a site, do send it along to the Chatelaine of WelcomeHomeSoldier! )

Medieval Battlers Are Knights for a Day: Medieval Battlers Are  Knights for a Day.

Do Something New.:Do Something New.

World War II Reenactors:  World War II Reenactors

So, send us your Mission Statements, your links, your events!!

Sharing is Caring.


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