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Coaltion Loses in Iraq

By Remy Benoit

Although there are many different positions on the current engagements, the principal and crucial right of democracy is included in the First Amendment in Freedom of Speech. While you may agree or disagree with any of a number of different positions, it is good to hear what others are saying. Clarity of ideas, sharing of ideas, often opens constructive dialogues. It is the unknown that we fear. That is the purpose of learning, sharing, and growing; to shed light on the unknown, to eliminate the fear.

To see things, we must look, with our eyes open, even if at first we don't like, or understand what we are seeing.

The news coming from Iraq the last several days has been pretty quiet.

Let us not forget that the numbers of casualties on all sides keep growing. The U.S. count is now at 1460 dead; 10,871 wounded, many, many quite seriously.

From CNN Forces: U.S. and Coalition Casualties.

From and Diana Barnes-Brown Soldiers in Iraq Suffer Life-Threatening Head, Neck Wounds.

So far, and more will follow, it is estimated that 30% of the Veterans of Iraq need psychiatric care.

From and Marie Cocco Bush wants to levy a 'sickness tax'.

From Veterans for Peace, the Boston Globe, and Robert J. Lifton Made in Iraq: the new antiwar veteran.

From the IVAW Iraq Veterans Against the War.

From the VVAW Vietnam Veterans Against the War Denounce Bush Proposal to Cut Vets' Benefits
By VVAW National Office.

There are Veterans of the Iraq engagement, some seriously wounded, who would go back to help more as they see it.

There are many different emotions explained by those who serve and share their feelings and experiences in Will They Ever Trust Us Again?.


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