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Thank Those in Active Service

By Remy Benoit

   Tonight you are at your keyboard, watching the television, enjoying a hot meal, and/or a hot shower.
   While you are doing that there are men and women out there in active service protecting your freedom to do that.

When you are not ready for it tomorrow morning and the alarm rings think about the fact that you have the right to go to work without internal passports, or Big Brother watching you.

No one is going to come to your door in the middle of the night banging on it, knocking it down, and dragging you off to wherever.

For those freedoms and a thousand others, so many have served, so many have given so much; so many have given all.

How can you support those who are there for you now?

Go to Defend America. and let them know you are here for them.

How can you support those who are there for you now?

Be Aware, be committed at home to the preservation of the basic rights they are protecting for you.

If you were asked to sit down and list what is in your Bill of Rights, could you do it?

If you were asked where Afghanistan or Iraq is, could you find them on a map?

If you were asked for 10 seconds of your time to let them know you are there for them, could you, would you give it?

Here's your chance.Defend America.

If you couldn't list that Bill of Rights, well, check out the article here:US Patriot Act/Constitution/Bill of Rights.

That will take more than ten seconds. But it is well worth the time.


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