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By Remy Benoit

All around the country are yellow ribbons, bumper stickers, flags in support of our troops. Yet the fact is they need more than symbolic support. They NEED your pressure on Congress, on the President, for the benefits they have so earned. They need you as employers to hire them for jobs.

Many do not realize the gap time between the end of service, finding jobs, getting treatment, getting an appointment with the VA, finding housing, with the appearance of the symptoms of PTSD.

Well, America, open your eyes, your hearts, and your grass roots support for our men and women who were so quickly sent into combat with vocal support. THEY NEED SUPPORT AND YOUR VOICE NOW.

NO VET, alone, with his family, with her baby should be out on the street, or on a long waiting list for care. Last year there were close to 500,000 out there on the streets; the numbers will rise.

Start in your neighborhood, start with calls to your representatives. BE THERE AS THEY HAVE BEEN.
Once again, the whole world is watching, and so should you be.

From the Christian Science Monitor and Alexandra Marks Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets
Social service agencies say the number of homeless vets is rising, in part because of high housing costs and gaps in pay.

From the AP, NY Times, Veterans for Common Sense, Department of Veterans Affairs Budget Proposal.

From Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars Vet Groups United in Call for Full Funding of VA Health Care.


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