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Social Security Insecure

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and Huge war chests for Social Security war Tens of million of dollars budgeted for the fight.

If there is so much money around favoring its change, there has got to be a profit in that change for someone(s).

From the People's Vote The Social Security Act of 1935.

The term "propaganda" has taken on a negative connotation from its use around WWII and the Nazi Party. But we are subject to propaganda every waking minute from advertisements, slants on the news/incomplete news from the media.

It is defined as a systematic dissemination of material to support a cause or doctrine by its advocate. In advertising the "cause" is for you to buy the product that will make you wealthier, more attractive, healthier, etc.

The most infamous of the techniques used is the BIG LIE, the idea being the more preposterous the lie, the more frequently it is told, it comes to be accepted as true as it is so overwhelming that it couldn't possibly be untrue. Joseph Goebbels, of the National Socialist German Workers Party - Nazis, was considered the master of this technique. It is based fundamentally on employing fear techniques, ie. "these people" was to hurt you, kill you, take what you have, etc.

Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression Individual Responsibility Of Defendants Herman Wilhelm Goering.

Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels 1933-1945.

We are all familiar with the "testimonial technique." Sports star, movie star, name recognition person endorses product A over B,etc.

Then there is the "glittering generalties" technique given to exaggeration and hyperbole using a slight twist in the application of ideas one to the other.

For a discussion of other techniques, such as Plain Folks, Bandwagon, Transfer, etc. The Institute for Propaganda Analysis at the University of Washington Propaganda Techniques.

For an interesting activity, acquaint yourself with these techniques and note how many times a day you run into them on tv, radio, and the newspapers.

Both sides of this issue will use all these techniques.

Social Security was developed to care for the elderly who previous to this legislation were on their own or at the mercy of the state. It is one of the outgrowths of the labor struggle that is a major part of our collective history - the have nots trying to make it, to get the proper entitlements to compensation for injuries at work, decent pay, and those vacations that are given away quite frequently these days.

Kent Law A Curriculum of United States Labor History for Teachers. Sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society. will give you an overview.


Railroad Strike of 1877.

Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902 By: Rachael Marks.

This Social Security issue needs to be examined in the overall context of our history, and our future. As one of my student teachers, a retired Petty Officer, used to say, "We must look at the big picture."

Check out Dictionary.
for the meaning of these two words: oligarchy, polyarchy.

Opps, the bell is ringing. Later. Oh, and by the way, no one is paying me any endorsements for being here! So, donations for the site are most needed, and most welcome, so I can continue to be here with you, our country, and our Vets. Blessings, Remy


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