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Iraq and More

By Remy Benoit

From Parents get glimpse of soldier on magazine cover Father feels 'great' son is leaving Iraq.

From Veterans for Common Sense, the New York Times and Neela Banerjee Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics.

From Veterans for Common Sense, Times Online (UK) and Hala Jaber Go Home Yanks, Says Leading Iraqi Prime Minister Candidate.

From the BBC Arab press eye Iraq poll threat.

From USA Today and Andrea Stone Pentagon denies news report of new spy unit.

From CNN and Barbara Starr Pentagon runs clandestine intelligence-gathering infrastructure.

From Austin's, Daily Texan VIEWPOINT: Spy vs. spy in Washington. in Opinion Section.

And From Common Dreams Three Opinion Pieces:

Norman Mailer Empire
Building: America and Its War with the Invisible Kingdom of Satan.

Joel S. Hirschhorn: The Bush Doctrine Paradox.

David Orr: The Imminent Demise of the Republican Party.

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