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I suggest you pay a visit to PTSD Support Services

By Remy Benoit

   When you visit this site, you find that the first words you see are WELCOME HOME.

   I am aware of how sweet those words can be.
   PTSD Support.

    This is a site where you will find a great deal of help and compassion.

    For those of you looking into the medical specifics of this you will find an active glossaary and an extensive list of books relating to PTSD.

    I highly recommend your taking the time to read through the General Guide to Combat PTSD, as well as to non-combat PTSD.

    I was very touched by the feelings expressed in the Spiritual Alienation section. Questions are raised here that will seem very, very familiar to many. Read through, you may find a sense of peace.

    So, yes, do visit PTSD Support. - You will be pleased that you did.

    And yes, WELCOME HOME.

This poem comes from across the sea; courtesy of Tony McNally. Tony is a Falkland Island Vet and author of Cloudpuncher.

Why do they look at me that way?`

Why do they look at me that way?
"He's not all there",
I've heard them say Leave me alone you faceless folk
To fight in war it ain't no joke
I've lost my wife my job my friends
Was it all worth it ,that all depends
I don't know why I feel this way
I took my oath I did obey
I killed because I was scared to die
By blowing those Sky hawks from the sky
Those retard bombs they drove us mad
They sent us on the Galahad
The screams of the dying, twisted metal shards
A floating burning hell of dead Welsh Guards
I did not cry for them that day
Why do they look at me that way?
My brain recorded events for me
I seem to torture myself with glee
In the capital Stanley we drank ourselves sober
The Sergeant Major said "The party is over."
They sent us back to our home shore
Amongst our families we were still fighting our own war
It's nearly twenty years since we won the day
Those painful memories just wont go away
I love my Country and my brothers in arms
On November the 11th I'll sing hymns and psalms
I will wear my medals with pride on that day
The only day of the year they don't look at me that way.
© Tony McNally

You may visit with Tony and see more of his poems at Poems.
You may also visit with Tony and with Edward Denmark, author of Not for Queen and Country at Pharaoh Press.

I recommended PTSD Support to Tony; he sent it to his friends. You can do the same.


Posted by: Sandra-tz, at 2007-08-25 21:07:14

thank you this has been a help

Posted by: Casey Mincel, at 2011-01-10 16:14:43

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