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Children in Afghanistan

By Remy Benoit

   The French Entertainer, Charles Aznevour, sings a song called Children of War.

   It opens with the line, "There are children of war who have never been young."
    Unfortunately, there have always been children who knew that. There still are.

    We all know what the term the Three R's represents.  But there are three other letters, three other words, that I would like people to make part of the world educational and life vocabulary: Cooperation, Creativity, and Compassion.

    There are children in this country, children all over the globe who lack the necessary clothes to go to school; children who lack the notebooks, pencils, pens, books, etc.  The reasons for this lack are many, we all know that.

We all know the reasons why.

For those at home who are in need there are countless organizations asking for your help. Call your schools, your community service organizations, your religious groups.

For children around the world, contact:UNICEF.

For children in Afghanistan, there are the Specops. You will find them at: Specops.

To learn where they learned the skills for this kind of peace keeping, join them at: USASOC.   


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