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Review of Musings: Writers Do It Write!

By Remy Benoit

A group of women writers has come together to present you with a wonderful gift.

Their free-e-book: Musings: Authors Do It Write! is a journey through the realities,  the commitment, and the joys of the writer’s life.

When thinking of a “writer” many people picture a wood-paneled room, dimly lighted by the glow of a keyboard, or a lamplighted desk, with a solitary figure laboring away, keys moving under fingers, pen scratching across paper.  All in all, well, a kind of elusive, reclusive person alone in company with only her or his muse.

That is true, but only to an extent, as these women so graciously share with you.

As writers we are part of the general flow of life.  These women run businesses, parent, grandparent.  They are part of the life of a ranch, an antique business, etc.  They make you very much aware that life, real life, real problems, real ups and down, are very much a part of the writer’s life and also part of the writers vast flow of input for their work.

Just to emphasize their point, since the time I requested this e-book to review for you, I have been through a tropical storm, evacuated for a hurricane, and had to clean up from both. The intake manifold went on the car, and there is an ailing fuel injector. Along with those there is the day job, mothering, working with our Veterans, housekeeping, book reviewing, travel time. Just as I prepared to put this review on line, I got a call from a cell phone on the way home that my phone line was lying like a dead snake in the backyard which meant no Internet connection.  But the phone company has now come and gone, and here we are, and yes, work on my new book is coming along nicely.

That is the point that these women so graciously make: Writers WRITE – no matter what.

Somehow, somehow, they make the time to be in the flow of the writing, because if they don’t, if we don’t, then we are denying what it is we truly feel called to do.  With all the interuptions, with all of the “real life” intruding, Writers WRITE...

because if they don’t, if they don’t listen to the call of their particular Muse, they are not listening to the call of their own inner voice.  That non-attention can lead to a kind of non-life that is hurtful to the true self and can lead to all kinds of problems as these women will show you.

If you are just beginning the “Writer’s Life” pay tribute to your Muse, listen to its call, and above all, write, communicate with other writers, and then write some more.

These women have a lot to share with you.  Bless them for their gift, and click here to get to the free download of Musings:  Authors Do It Write!

Musings:Authors Do It Write.

It is well worth your time, and it would be nice if you would let them know that you are pleased that they took the time, gave you the gift of their words, to help you along the writers’ way.
Be peace,

Musings:Authors Do It Write.


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