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7 Principles of Infinite Being and a Lot More

By Remy Benoit

So often all that happens around us seems so very overwhelming.

Many years ago I had a student teacher who worked with me, a retired Chief Petty Officer who had entered education as a second career. He often used the expression, "You must look at the bigger picture."

Sometimes we need to do that. From Infinite Being: The Seven Principles of Infinite Being. some ideas to consider.

You will note that the 3rd Principle refers to reincarnation, a belief held by a vast number of the world's peoples. For an explanation of its tenets REINCARNATION Its meaning and consequences.

Christianity and Reincarnation.

Christian Reincarnation The Fifth General Council.

Regarding Islamic beliefs about reincarnation, opposing views Understanding Islam. and Discover Islam.

From Judaism and Reincarnation.

I suppose that there are as many beliefs as to what "comes after" as there are faiths and individuals with their own interpretations. Yet it can only help us to find common ground if we know what history, what beliefs others have.

And while we are here perhaps, hopefully, learning a bit about each other, here is a name, an idea, we can all work toward...Tikkun Olam: Perfecting the World.

Be peace, learn patience, let us all learn compassion.


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