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The Power of Collective Prayer

By Remy Benoit

I do not know how to wrap my mind around what has happened to all these people because of the earthquake and tsunami. The numbers are too big, the devastation too great, for me, for us to comprehend.

I simply cannot imagine what it would feel like to have a wall of water come at you at 500 mph destroying your world, taking the lives of your loved ones. I cannot imagine either what it would be like to have bombs raining from the sky; to be fired at by the weapon of an enemy.

Many of you know that feeling.

Today we feel horrified. We feel helpless.

We are not.

In the article below this one there are many links to ways you can give help.

Here I ask you all to join in collective world wide prayer for those who have passed on, for those who have lived to try to survive this incredible natural force and the loss of their loved ones.

You are welcome to send your prayers along to me through Feedback to share with others.

I will post them here. Open your hearts; there is great healing to be done.

Let us help bring some Light into this terrible darkness.

Let us pray. Let us turn this; let us join as one voice regardless of our particular faith and pray for mercy, help, and healing in whatever name we give to the Creator for those who so need it now. Amen.


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