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Disaster: Tidal Wave and Earthquake

By Remy Benoit

From Indonesia toll passes 94,000 Death toll surpasses 155,000; thousands still missing.

From Aid improving near quake's epicenter Death toll surpasses 141,000; tens of thousands still missing.

From Common, the NY Times, and Bob Herbert Our Planet, Our Duty.

Japan raises aid to $500 million.

Financial aid rises to 1.5 billion U.N.: Tsunami oll could approach 150,000.

From Tragedy offers chance for peace.

From U.S. ups tsunami aid from $35 million to $350 million.

As the death toll climbs to 134,000, people seek answers - nature or an act of God? From Msnbc, the Washington Post, and Jose Antonio Vargas Seeking the hand of God in the waters.

From New Year's celebrations tempered.

From the AP and Powell to Visit Countries Hit by Tsunami.

From the Seattle News Pledges of relief reach $500 million.

Tsunami death toll tops 116,000.

Tsunami risks future of Maldives islands.

From and the AP Thousands flee amid new tsunami warning.

From Swiss Info Insurers keep a cool head over tsunami costs.

From the Times of India Alert in Andamans as high waves dash the islands.

From Spiegel Online International and Matthias Gebauer The Temple of Death.

From Web India Eight quakes rock tsunami-hit Andaman and Nicobar Islands [India News].

From Indian tribes' survival in jeopardy.

Thousands of Americans unaccounted for.

Bush announces tsunami aid coalition Disaster is beyond our comprehension'.

From The Drowned World.

From Tsunami kills more than 67,000 Death Toll by Country.

Epidemics Could Double Death Toll.

From CBS and AP Costliest Disaster In History?.

From and Reuters Where Are All the Dead Animals? Sri Lanka Asks.

From, the Washington Post, John F. Harris and Robin Wright Aid grows amid questions about Bush.

From and Bob Faw Amid the devastation, tales of survival.

From, the Washington Post, and Alan Sipress In Indonesia, a boulevard of destruction.

From World World Vision is Responding.

Doctors Without Borders.

American Friends Service Committee.

International Medical Corps.

Save the Children.

Catholic Charities.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

American Jewish World Service.

From the Herald Sun Pacific islands saw tidal surges From correspondents in Los Angeles.

From the AP and ABC News U.S. Addds $20 Million to Earthquake Relief.

From the Discovery Asia Quake Gives Globe a Jolt.

From ABC Radio Australia Tsunami Death Toll Nears 60,000.

From the Independent Online and Kathy Marks Thais discover 700 bodies in single resort By Kathy Marks.

From One World UK and Anuradha Vittachi How we can help the Asian coastal villagers.

From NPR Tsunami Devastates Asian Nations.

As the number of victims climbs, aid is being sent. From The Race To Help The Living.

From These groups are offering ways for you to help How to Help.

Oxfam prepares response to Asian Earthquake floods.

Tsunami toll rises above 26,000 International community scrambles to help.

U.N.: Tsunami damage 'unprecedented'.

Tsunami tragedy: Your e-mails.

From Quake's power = million atomic bombs?.

From Survivors' tales: ‘Our paradise turned into hell’.

Kids most vulnerable to tsunamis’ torrential fury.

An act of nature is not "aware" of the destruction is brings; we are. Something to think about.

From the International Herald Tribune and Nick Cumming-Bruce Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India hit hardest.

From 6AM Monday update Asia quake death toll tops 21,000.

An earthquake, measuring 8.9, along with a tidal wave has devastated parts of Southeast Asia, leaving about 3,000 dead in its wake.

Six O'clock update From Asia quake death toll over 11,000.

From Asia quake toll tops 3,000.

Your help will be needed International Red Crss.


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