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It is Christmas

By Remy Benoit

Humanity is capable of such luminous beauty, and such repugnant evil.

On one hand, we raise cathedrals to the sky; on the other, bomb them into rubble.


Paul Rodriguez

And so, it is Christmas. Today we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace while around the planet there is war, starvation, disease, cruelty.

One of the most striking moments in film history is in the Godfather. On the one hand the newest child is being baptised; as the words are said there is a savage gun battle going on between opposing families.

And so, it is Christmas. Perhaps we need to look around at juxtapositions today:


Five killed by Vietnam War shell.

Student raises $30,000 for orphans in Uganda.

From Holiday cheer spread among troops in Iraq.

From the AP and Fox Blast Rocks Baghdad After Rumsfeld Leaves.

From the NY Times:

and Eric Eckholm Fear Keeps Pews Empty in Baghdad.

and Kent Haruf A Life on the Plains.

From Pope Prays for Peace in Christmas Message.

From Human Rights Watch DARFUR DESTROYED
Ethnic Cleansing by Government and Militia Forces in Western Sudan.

From a political cartoon by Mike Mikula that is not just about Mr. Bush. It is about all of us. It is about choices, it is always about the choices we make, the history that went into them, the ramifications of their being made. Which Ghost?.

It is about choices. This is a good day to start thinking about them.

God Bless all of us.
Merry Christmas,


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