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A Question Asked Twice

By Remy Benoit

Last night I received a question in my e-mail that was very similar to the question being asked in the following opinion piece.

It is a very important question and one for which we as citizens, and our leaders, are accountable for a decent answer.

Look behind the glitz and decorations on the streets and in the malls; look for those living on those streets, working two jobs and not making it; those who have no health insurance; those who know the true face of poverty.

No, no one of us individually can change the face of those truths; there is not an enlightened Scrooge to come to the rescue of each Tiny Tim individually. Individually we can only apply a bandaid here and there.

But with One Voice, We the People, with One Voice can demand that this dark place be removed if we truly believe in the religions we espouse, in the mission of that Beacon on a Hill. To get that job done we need to crawl out of our individual "pork barrels," our biased "my side is the right side," and raise a collective voice that is Red, White, and Blue and committed to the American Dream.

If we believe, truly believe, in the American Dream, it is time to demand it for all of us.

How, indeed, can we say we want to export that Dream when so many of us still live in a nightmare.

"God Bless us, everyone."

From Common Dreams and Todd Huffman This Christmas, Where Is Our National Conscience?.

Out of Reach 2004 National Low Income Housing Coalition.


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