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The Human Cost of Iraq

By Remy Benoit

From Rumsfeld to Sign Death Letters.

From Iraq: The Human Cost.

There are many numbers on the Net concerning the demise of citizens of Iraq, insurgents, and more, but there are none that are fully substantiated.

From the Washington Post and Mark Shields and Veterans for Common Sense Our 'Best Equipped' Army? Baloney!.

From Ann Arbor News Rumsfeld must resign, or be shown the door Defense chief acks leadership, sensitivity.

From the NYTimes and Maureen Dowd A Not So Wonderful Life. This is an OP-ED Column and Ms. Dowd's take on some things.

From the AP and Taipei Times Missing armor problem for Rumsfeld.

Next month, the Senate Armed Services Committee will hold hearings on the war in Iraq with attention to the questions that have been asked of Mr. Rumsfeld.

Down History Lane

From Wikiepedia some history on SecDef Secreatries of Defense.

Another SecDef who came under public scrutiny Robert S. McNamara January 21, 1961 - February 29, 1968
8th Secretary of Defense Kennedy and Johnson Administration.


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