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By Remy Benoit

Were you the one who went off to war?

Were you the one who waited at home?

Have you ever been so lonely that the heat of a hard-cooked egg in your hand was a blessing of connection to life and warmth?

Were you one of those who went "Over There" on any number of occassion - wherever there was?

Did you find out the truth, the one about no matter how many others you go with, you face the elephant alone at the deepest levels;

and continue to no matter how glorious the stories are;

and how much you still carry of the truths you learned?

Did you know the beach at Normandy? at Anzio; the snow of Korea; or the tunnels at Cu Chi; or another place that was much like them?

Are parts of them still living in you?

Do you wish someone knew that you can't "just get over it?"

Do you know the connection to others who know what you know? Would you like others to begin to understand at least just a piece of it?

Did you ever have a fantasy about sailing the pirate waters with Lafitte?

Have you been blessed with a love that could transcend time and place?

Would you like to travel through time and find at least a few answers and a love that knows.

Then you need Loving. It will give you hope; restore your faith that there are those who understand, who empathize with what you know.

These are your stories, the ones you have asked me to pass on; their threads interwoven to help others know what you know; to help others who want to know the truth begin to find it as you have asked me to help them do.

Those of you who have read it are telling me it is helping you. That is what sharing, that is what Loving is all about: connection, compassion, understanding, and coming home.

Loving must be unconditional, survive the test of time; survive any obstacles thrown in its path, and be healing.

Please just click on the cover up on the left and Loving will start making its way to you. It is only $20, including shipping and handling. Please let me know if you would like your copy signed.

Meet Rhea, Jordan, Jesse, and Mellie. They know what you know - they are your stories.

I am hard at work on a new one - Blood Heat - please feel free to tell me what you want people to know and I will work it into the story line for that one too and perhaps together we can get some healing going, some deep truths known and learned from. If you like Loving, please spread the word; it will help me to keep this site going; allow me to continue to be here for you. Donations to its maintenance in any amount are so deeply appreciated

Thank you.


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