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For the Boys and the Girls

By Remy Benoit

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was asked questions at Camp Buehring in Kuwait by our soldiers.


450 Humvees a month is the best we can muster?

Anybody out there have the stats on cars, SUV's, etc. we muster a month?

Anybody out there with some WWII production records?

Any Dollar a Year men out there to help?

Anybody out there with the facilities needed, or have they all been outsourced?

No, this is not a world war, but it is a war, and to call it less, to treat it is as less is not acceptable to those we send to serve, and keep there for extended tours.

Hey, this is America - these guys and gals are our blood. Not your feelings about the war that are on the front line here, it is their lives.

So wherever you stand on this war, SUPPORT THE TROOPS and demand that they be probably equipped to do the job we sent them to do. Demand respect for them; demand the proper outfitting for them.

If you don't like the war, hey, join the demonstrations on Saturday, on Inaugural Day, whenever, but while you are trying to bring them home, see that they are SUPPORTED.

When they do come home, welcome them with open arms and hearts.

From the New York Times and Eric Schmitt Troops' Queries Leave Rumsfeld on the Defensive.

From the New York Times and Maureen Dowd Lost in a Masquerade.

From the New York Times Please, Sir, May I Have Some Armor?.

From and Mark Schleifstein Soldiers bask in joy of brief visits home. just a reminder that soldiers are real people with real other lives too.

If you have an opinion you would like to share with the President or Mr. Rumsfeld - 202-456-1111 number for calls to leave messages for President
If they put you on hold, eventually they will let you leave a voice message... they ask you for the state from which you are calling, and your have 40 seconds to leave it...

And if you would like some input on what the media reports to you, Free Press is offering one free Tool Kit on what you should know about the media, and what you can do about it. Free Press Tool

And some words to consider from the October Editorial of Vietnam Magazine Editorial.


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