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PTSD Interviews

By Remy Benoit

I received this letter in an e-mail and I am passing her request on to you:

Angela Kennedy wrote:


I'm looking to interview Iraq veterans with PTSD.

I'm a writer for a national mental health publication, Counseling Today. It's the official newspaper of the American Counseling Association. Before you lump me into that evil category of "media" please let me explain a few things.

First off, I'm an AF veteran. I separated from the military exactly one week before the war "began" in March 03. (My mom was very thankful that I got out before the stop-loss. A part of me still feels some guilt about that, like I bailed out on my responsibilities, my duty. But, in retrospect, I gave the AF five years of my life and it was just my time to move on.)

Now, I'm a civilian reporter for a counseling newspaper. My readers are all counselors, counseling students, therapists and other mental health professionals. My job is to keep them informed about current issues in counseling. One very hot topic is PTSD and our returning military personnel. I would very much like to interview those who have experienced this first hand, especially those individuals who have sought the help of a mental health counselor. I feel strongly about putting a face to an issue or problem.

Instead of regurgitating statistics or how to's, I try to help my readers help their clients by reporting about true people, their struggles and how they got help.

If you know someone interested in sharing his or her story, please contact me either via email or call toll free at 800-3782-6647 ext. 320. If you would like more information about my publication or the non-profit that I work for, go to
Thanks so much for your time,

Angela Kennedy
Senior Staff Writer

Counseling Today
American Counseling Association
5999 Stevenson Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: 800. 347.6647 ext. 320
Fax: 703.823-0252
Angela Kennedy.


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