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Searching for the Good by Thomas A. Brewer

By Reviewed by Remy Benoit

We were raised to believe that there is some good in everything.

We were raised to believe that there is always a silver lining.

We were raised to honor, patriotism, and courage.

We grew up believing in all of those things.

We are the Vietnam Generation.

Our thanks to Sgt.Mike Pectol, webmaster of 277 Artillery. and Ed Radziwonowicz for sharing these pictures of the 6/77FA Cu Chi page

We grew up in a world where brinksmanship was played on a daily

We grew up believing that THEY wanted to bury US.

The fields of honor where we would be tested included Vietnam.

Thomas Brewer grew up with all the above values: honor, patriotism,
and courage.

Thomas Brewer went to war carrying those things as a graduate of
ROTC; as a Wolfhound whose motto was and is Nec Aspera Terrent - No
Fear on Earth.

Thomas Brewer humped the boonies, led his men, fought with honor and
was seriously wounded. That was 1967.

Thirty-three years later he had Searching for the Good published
because he, like so many - veteran and non - is still searching for
the good; still looking for all the answers to all the questions that
were raised in those terrible years.

Just a few months after Tom was released from active duty, the Tet
offensive went down.

The world changed with the Tet offensive.

The war changed.

Public opinion changed.

Treatment of those fighting the war changed.

Treatment of our Veterans, those we sent to fight, changed.

And the questions started.

The questions are still being asked.

The questions and their concomitant pain are still being lived.

Captain Brewer's narrative is clear; he acts a point man through the
path of his life.

He takes us to the place in the road where the questions started;
when normalcy ended and war began.

He takes us through the combat, into the boonies, and shows us the
insatiable maw of death.

He guides us through his physical recovery; his post-military life;
the lessons learned and applied; his re-engagement with others who
knew Cu Chi.

He shows us where the light shines bright, but doesn't forget when
there was none.

Captain Thomas Brewer takes on the questions with NO FEAR....even
though fear sometimes plays a role in the questions themselves.

What is the right thing to pass on to the children? What are the
truths we knew, and know?

Was Dad right that there is always Something Good to be found if you
search for it?

Captain Thomas Brewer's, Searching for the Good, is honest, and it is
well worth searching out for your own good.

Captain Thomas Brewer's, Searching for the Good, is a 5 Star work.

Searching for the Good.


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