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The Blue Star Millennium/Quest for Genesis by David Gau-Ghan

By Reviewed by Remy Benoit

David Gau-Ghan has presented us with a serious work; a work that is mind-stretching, soul touching, and possibility awakening. Yet he has not presented us with a sermon but with an exciting action adventure story for us, for our terrestrial home, and throughout our galaxy.

We know, we feel, instinctively when the paths we are following are the right ones, not only for us as individuals, but for our home planet.

Nevertheless, sometimes we need someone slightly removed from us: someone with a different perspective, a different vantage point to align us with our proper course.

Or, Someones?

How many times have we heard the question; have we asked the question:


Could there be others who have a vested interest in how we treat our planet; in how we treat each other?

Do forces for good or evil in our lives work only through us following our particular paths, or could there be other forces at work beside, around, us?

Are there Others interweaving with our lives; influencing our lives?

What would their intentions be?

Suppose, just suppose, these Others were far in advance of us; that they could tap into the Akashic records, those ephemeral store houses of all experiences, to see where we’ve been, predict where we are headed, and try to help us to our best course.

Just suppose there was a Blue Star Commander, an Astar star-ship Commander who went by the name of Zakeera. And that this Commander, desiring, learning to overcome his own imperfections on the way to White Star status, was willing to give up his own being to take on different human forms to complete his missions, his dedication, to helping us.

The adventures of Commander Zakeera in The Blue Star will open you to considering just a little bit closer, on each and every day, in each and every way, how you relate to others, and to the planet.

David Gau-Gahn’s work is very entertaining, but it is so much more than that. It is eye-opening, conscience tripping, right to the events being played out on the world stage today.

Do join him for the birth of a planet, the cataclysms of Atlantis and Lemuria; the terrible terrestrial ruptures from oil, war, and intemperance.

Take a ride in a Star Ship, slip on a comfy garment that will allow you to be physically at ease on a strange planet, and then, then come on home again, and maybe those left of us can get it right this time.

Were you looking for bad guys, Bad Others?

Look around.

They go by the name Darkets.

But remember, whatever happens, we are Co-Creators of all our experiences.
Consider the impact of positive thought and action from humans, and company, on the environment. There is a reason to do that.

The alternative, the flip side of the coin, in untenable.

The Blue Star Millenium is 5 Star.

Go to David Gau-Ghan. and meet David Gau Ghan,

and then to Blue Star order it.

And just like in the movies, tune in here next week for a review of Part II – Book II – David Gau-Gahn’s, Quest for Genesis

You are in for a Star Class Adventure

Quest for Genesis by David Gau-Ghan....

"Legends abound throughout human history about civilizations deep within the heart of the planet."
Follow the link and read my new review of Quest for Genesis at: Quest for Genesis.

Join Commander Zakeera as he journeys to the interior of the earth as well as his own deeply buried self.
Once again a 5 Star read.
Enjoy - think - act!


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