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The Corpsmen - The Medics

By Remy Benoit

They are on the front line of combat.

They are on the front line of the horror of war.

They make the difference, when they are able, between life and death.

The memories they will carry are heavy. They do what they can; they exert superhuman efforts to overcome catastrophic wounds, to save lives.

Sometimes their efforts are futile; and those memories they will carry too, for the rest of their lives.

From the Washington Post, Jackie Spinner, and Veterans for Common Sense Medics Testify to Fallujah's Horrors Navy Corpsmen Treated Unusually Devastating Injuries at Field Hospital.

My Dad was a corpsman in Big One.

I am blessed to talk almost everyday with two medics who served in Vietnam. They are still there for you each and every day trying to make people understand what war is; trying to make people understand what happened to their loved one in the green.

You may visit with one of the kindest and most dedicated of them, a man I am truly honored to call a dear friend, a Wolfhound, at Harry Kieninger - Author of When Can We Come Home? Understanding the Viet Nam Veteran.

So, when you offer your prayers of Thanksgiving today, include the medics, the corpsmen and all those needing their services.



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