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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Remy Benoit

If you are having trouble adjusting to coming home, there is help out there, lots of help.

If you are having trouble, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You need, and are entitled to, help. It is the mind's way of shutting out that which is simply too much to deal with at once.

If you are having trouble, it won't just go away. Get help.

And to the general population, whatever your feelings are about this engagement, those we have sent to fight are our national family. War is an ugly and hungry thing and things happen that are not, shall we say, pleasant. If you haven't been there, you have no way of judging how you would react to various situations. That is not condoning the horrors of war; it is simply recognizing them.

So, if you meet a soldier coming home, say "Welcome Home." Don't ask stupid questions, "Like did you have to kill anybody?"

Don't dump on them who have just been through so much, whatever stored up stuff you are carrying. They have enough to carry themselves they don't need to carry your stuff too.

We cannot go where we went with the Vietnam Veterans. They still carry the sting of words from decades ago. They are still carrying your stuff.

We have a political process to share your ideas with; we have Representatives, we have First Amendment rights of free speech and protest. Use them well; share your ideas in the right place; voice your opinion, but do say "Welcome Home and Thank You for Your Service" to a soldier.

Here are some places you can go for help with PTSD:

Military Veterans Reference Manual.

Patience Press.

Warning Signs of Trauma Related Stress.

PTSD Alliance.


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