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Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day

By Remy Benoit

    Our Vietnam Veterans have been waiting for decades for a Welcome Home.

    Now we have an opportunity to do this; to ease the pain the lack of that has brought them.

    It does not matter what your position on the war was, these Veterans are our national family. They are not prodigal sons wanting to come home now; they are sons pushed out into the cold, scorned by their national family and carrying big, big hurt.

    It is up to us to assuage that hurt and to learn what we can for future generations from this engagement.
Please go to Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day.

To:  U.S.Congress
The Brothers of Nam wish to declare May 1ST, beginning in 2003, as Vietnam Veteran Recognition Day. Our intent is to have a day to honor all Vietnam Veterans for their service to our country. We would like "Welcome Home" to be the slogan for this celebratory day. We feel that a day of this kind is long over due and would like others to join our cause by signing this petition. Please show your support of these neglected heroes by giving them the homecoming they deserved long ago. Sign our petition today!


    Please add you name to this hourly growing list and help to Welcome them Home. It is a Welcome Home that is so long overdue.



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