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Let's Talk - From Indianapolis

By Janet Kieninger

I am so bitter about the election results that I don't even feel like an American! If I could, I would move to Canada! The utter arrogance, pride, and disregard for the "little guy" that this administration exudes makes me physically sick. Hey, I'm one of those small business owners (very small) to whom Bush claims to have given "tax cuts" and I can tell you that the life is being squeezed out of me by big business. The average American is such an insignificant part of the Bush administration's agenda that jobs, health care, social security, and equality for minorities will remain only an afterthought. The top priority of the Bush dynasty is summed up in the following statement. The present administration is determined to control the oil resources of the world period! The war in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with bringing democracy to the citizens of Iraq, but rather to position the US to control a vital resource needed by more and more countries of the world. Today even China is more dependent on oil than it has ever been. Just think of the power the US will wield when it controls the oil in Iraq!

Last Thursday, the day after elections, I heard an interview on PRI (Public Radio International) with a high ranking government official of India (I don't remember his name). He was asked by the interviewer how India felt about the US election results. He said his government was very happy that the Bush administration was reelected because, "The policy of his administration means many jobs for India." Doesn't that just say it all? I'm not sure there will be healing for this country. I'm not sure we will ever be united, at least for the next four years. Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic about my personal future.


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