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Iraq - 60 Day Emergency Declared

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and ABC news Iraq Declares State of Emergency.

From The Washington Post and Robert Kuttner Exit Iraq.

From Reuters and Fadel al-Badrani Iraq Declares Martial Law, 23 Police Killed.

And from the New York Times on the differences of opinion in the country, two letters from the Editorial/Op Ec page That Two-Nation Feeling (2 Letters).

Yes, there is great division on this war, but the fact is that our troops are there, and they need us behind them. Support our Troops. We do not want yet another generation hurting from our lack of support of them. War is a many leveled thing - but the fact is, that no matter how large the group, each person goes into battle alone. Courage is showing up, no matter how afraid one is. They are showing up in perhaps the largest engagement since Vietnam. From the AP and Marines Break Pre-Battle Tension. Perhaps this doesn't make sense to you, a chariot race. Well, perhaps you can ask a Veteran what this is about.

Defend America.

And there is this view too:

Military Families Speak Out.


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