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Lifepsychles by Al Beck

By Remy Benoit

Sweet words might drape it;
but to think outside the box
one must escape it.

Lifepsychles, Al Beck’s tenth volume of poetry, prose, and artwork sparkles with vibrancy and challenge.

Beck has become an elder statesman, a wise counselor, a mentor demanding of us that we re-evaluate at societal, creative, and
soul levels all the inherited boxes that we have allowed to constrict our lives and our journeys.

His words, his drawings, demand that we pull ourselves out of our complacency and grab, grasp, jump at passion, inspiration, enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity.

Beck offers us a choice:
We are at History’s
human ridge. Do we build
a bridge or fall off?

We may interpret those words on a personal or a global level.
Perhaps it would be best for the planet if we grasped them at both.

What will you find when it becomes time for you to look back at your Lifepsychles?





Choose well, and you can be instructed by a Master, Al Beck, in Lifepsychles.

Allow his words, his art, his zest for all that is real, to help set you free..

Beck Named to Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals.

To contact the author for an autographed copy of his book, write him at 5987 County Road 231, Monroe City, Mo. 63456 or e-mail him at Beck Contact.


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