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By Remy Benoit

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group is underfire for its decision to tell its stations to air "Stolen Honor" a piece prejudicial against John Kerry.

From the New York Times and Bill Carter Film About Kerry.

The Democrats have asked for equal time and been refused. Media groups are saying that it is decidedly partisan; advertisers are pulling their money out of Sinclair.

The program itself centers around Kerry's testimony in 1971 before the Senate Committee - his so-called Winter Soldier speech which is open and common knowledge. People have taken positions in support of, and against what Mr. Kerry said in the speech. His anti-war position came after his tour of active duty in Vietnam. Perhaps in a situation like this it is good to go to the primary source to see what was really said:

Modern History Sourcebook:
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement, 1971.

War can bring out the very best in those sent to fight it; it can also bring out the very worst as those of you with a sense of history well know. The history of war was usually written by those who won; that is not so true anymore and we are beginning to get a different take on war. We need to understand it at the gut level and face that terrible knowledge.

For some reading about war at the gut level, join Veterans for Common Sense. org.

For those of you who have ideas to share on how to solve domestic and international problems, we invite you to The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World. where you may freely share them. We ask only that you remember the readers are of all ages, so please consider that in your written expressions.


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