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Visit With a Friend, the Cloudpuncher, Tony McNally, and With The Forgotten

By Remy Benoit

   War is not new; it has been a pandemic plague throughout history.

   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is its partner.

   Like war, PTSD spares none.  It has no respect for age, or sex, or color. It has no regard for your economic status.

   It is, so often, much too often, misunderstood. Those who carry it too often hear, Why don't you just get over it?

   It must be understood; it must be studied, and it must be made public knowledge. With knowledge comes understanding; with understanding comes compassion.

   Our world is made through our choices.  We must learn to choose well.

   I invite you to visit with a friend of mine in Britain.

   His war was in the Falklands.

   He knows PTSD.

   He invites those of you who don't to come and look at it.

   He shares compassion with those of you who do know it.

A site for veterans to share their experiences, and to help build a living war memorial for students, teachers & historians. Includes media reviews.

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