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What Can I Do?

By Janet Kieninger

    Have you ever stopped, looked around you and observed all the people who need someone to care?

     Maybe it's the homeless person who sleeps wherever he can find a place out of the cold.

     How about that lonely elderly neighbor who just wants someone to talk to?

     That about the neglected child who craves a little attention? She doesn't really care whether it is positive or negative attention, just notice her!  

     That teenager who seems so withdrawn and untouchable can't really be reached, can he?  

     Why doesn't the veteran just "get over" the war?

     I acknowledge that there are many hurting people in the world, but I can't solve all the problems so what do you expect of me?

     Actually that question is just a way to dodge responsibility. I know that one person can't solve all the problems of this hurting world, but one person can do something for one other person.

     Find someone who needs a friend. Minister to their needs.

Have a cup of tea with the elderly neighbor.

Wave to the teenager walking down the sidewalk and give them the offering of a smile and a kind word.

Shake the hand of a veteran and says "Thanks for what you did for our country."

Buy a glass of lemonade from the children operating
their first lemonade stand.

Give a dollar to the homeless person who is hungry.

Small things? Yes.

Big payoff? Absolutely!

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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Mother Teresa


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