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101st Airborne Division: Screaming Eagles.
A site run by Troy Bell with particular interest, although all are welcome, to those who served in Vietnam in Company B,1st Brigade, 502nd Infantry Battalion from December 1967 through December 1968. Links to 101st Airborne Home Page and to 101st Veteran's Association.

2/14th, Golden Dragons, Vietnam.
This is an excellent site dedicated to the 2/14th Golden Dragons. You will find history, photography, a Veteran Locator as well as Kirk's personal memoirs and drawings. And perhaps you can help with filling in the blanks for issues of Tropic Lightning News. Do visit with Kirk Ramsey and be prepared to stay awhile.

2/77 & 6/77 Army Field Artillery.

A Soldier.
Written by a POW at great peril to his life in a Japanese camp by a Bataan Death March Survivor

A Surprise Wild Cottage Garden.
From Down Under, wonderful garden ideas for those of you who find turning the soil a way to healing, writing, and joy.

Albert College Resource Center: WW I and WW II Poetry.
War poety from Trinity College Resources, Australia

America's Promise.
Our youth is our most precious resource.

Attitude is Everything.
IF YOU COULD ASK GOD THREE QUESTIONS WHAT WOULD YOU ASK? We're gathering responses to this question for a new book -- and we invite you to participate. Submit your 3 questions and we'll send you a FREE e-book when the book is published!

This is an AWESOME site for information,literature,biography, poetry, etc...

Better World Organizations.
Directory of Organizations and you can click to support a variety of charities FREE

Beyond Infinity.
Opening heart, mind, and spirit to infinite possibilities and alternate realities.

Bircham Gallery.
For those of you in the UK with an interest in art, may I suggest a visit to the Bircham Gallery: 14 Market Place - Holt - Norfolk - NR25 6BW. You will find exhibitions, books, and enthusiasm for the creative spirit.

Books About Afghanistan, Taliban, Soviet Experience. available books about the history of problems in Afghanistan, the Taliban; studies of the Soviet Union/soldiers' experiences there.

Books About Vietnam.
A selection of the writings of Bill MacWithey.

Boomers International: World Wide Community for the Boomer Generation.
"Share our humanity." An excellent site for all aspects of Boomer Interest. Veteran part has excellent links. I suggest you visit.

Campaign for a Landmine Free World.
Each year many, many lives are lost to people innocently stepping on land mines. Visit the site of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation to find out how you can help to end this terrible waste of lives.

Conscious Evolution.
Personal and Global Transformation produced by the Barbara Marx Hubbard Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

Contemporary Military.
Up to date life in the military.

Cosmic Consciousness.
See a new astronomy picture everyday with commentary by an astronomer. These pictures of how vast the universe truly is help to put our lives into perspective.

CounterPunch is edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. This is the journalism not seen on/in the regular media. Agree, or disagree, CounterPunch provides food for thought.

Creative Growth and Healing.
Join Kay Marie Porterfield,the author of 13 published books and many articles, as she assists you in releasing your creative flow.

Daddy, if only you could hear me.
Poems for a father who did not come home from the green.

David Granirer.
David Granirer gives humor in the workplace presentations helping organizations use humor to reduce stress, increase wellness, and cope with change. His site also contains many articles on how to use humor to reduce stress, increase wellness, and cope with...

Defense LINK-Armed Forces Day History.
Interesting short history about the creation of this day honoring all the Armed Forces.

Desert Storm Recalls Civil War Food Woes.
An article originally published as part of " A Fork in the Road " column in the "Register and Bee, Danville, Virginia, Sunday, February 17, 1991 by Patricia B. Mitchell. Thank you Patricia for this interesting morsel of history.
A very impressive site developed and maintained by a student, Scott O'Hara. Do visit, I think you will be pleased at such a wonderful tribute.

Discount Catholic Store.
Discounted prices on rosaries, crucifixes, medals (including military medals), statues, books, videos, framed art, stained glass, Irish items, children's items, holiday gifts.

Discover Magazine.
We are all connected in so many ways. The articles in Discover help us to see that, understand that, and bring us to a place where perhaps we can begin to accept responsibility. Enjoy!

Dollar Stretcher.
Whether you are living on a Veteran's pension, have a new baby in the house, want to build up your savings program, or find ideas for marketing your business, this is a great place to go for information. Thanks to Gary Foreman for editing and presenting us with this so very helpful site.

Educating for Peace: Classroom Resources.
This site lists many books written by children who have known war. Their motto is wonderful; please check it out.

FAS Military Analysis Network: Operation Desert Storm.
History, ops, and links for Desert Storm.

Free Books Page.
A useful site with an interesting list of free books...sources such as Oroject Gutenberg and the Internet Public Library.

Friends of the Earth.
"Fighting Environmental Destruction Where It Begins"

Friends of the World Food Programme.
Over 150 million of the world's chronically hunger 300 million children do not eat during school hours. Many simply do not attend. Their worlds lack peace and security. Hungry children do not grow up to fulfill their potentials. See also "The George McGovern-Robert Dole Global Food for Education and Child Nutrition Act of 2001.

Good Old Days Magazine.
How many of you remember the scent of burning autumn leaves, of raspberry preserves readied for canning? Who was the special person in your life who made all the difference? Did you really walk ten miles to school? Barefoot? Good Old Days Magazine, and brings you stories of when snow fell deeper, smiles lasted longer, and ice cream was churned at home on perfect summer evenings. Editor Ken Tate invites you to sign up for mailings of his newsletter, and to post messages on the online Wanted Bulletin Board.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages.
An Award winning site, serving the community of Gulf War Veterans.

"We believe that through love, faith, patience and perseverance, God's people can triumph over physical and mental handicaps, social stigma and chemical addictions." While you are there, please visit Cassie's House, share Dr. Don Dunlap's "Overcoming Anger" series, and find a hot line for help with domestic violence.
Encouraging women to make healthy lifestyle choices.

An interesting site with many links to all kinds of history that could be very helpful to your writing experience and development.

Holistic Help.
Specializing in Life Management and Support for Living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, or Disability and Sex and Sexuality - Entertainment: Books.
Find the first chapter of many books to tempt you to further reading. A great site. Thank you Houston Chronicle!

iAbolish:The Anti-Slavery Portal.
Do you think that slavery no longer exists? You should visit with iAbolish.

Idea Generator.
Have an idea, but not quite sure which way to go with it? Check out Old Dominion University's Idea Generator and see if the spark you need is there.

In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 1884 Memorial Day Speech, Keene, New Hampshire before Post No. 4, Grand Army of the Republic.

In the Hands of Alchemy.
Join artist/author Jerry Wennstrom and vocalist/ritualist Marilyn strong for a wonderful artistic and life adventure you won't forget.

Institute of Noetic Sciences.
Since it was founded twenty-five years ago by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has been in the forefront of "research and education in consciousness and human potential."

International Justice Mission.
Helping to bring the light of justice whereever it does not burn bright.

International Network: Education for Democracy, Human Rights, and Tolerance.
An international group to help build an infrastructure for tolerance.

International Student/Young Pugwash.
Provides a forum for discussion of global problems for the upcoming generation.

This wonderful site examines the history and Wisdom of Kabbalah to help you to achievement of the "upper world."

Korean War Memorial.
Visit the Korean War Memorial online.

Korean War Poetry.
Frank Gross: Poet, Songwriter, Musician shares his thoughts on the Korean War

Korean War Poetry: With Pen in Hand.
From the Korean War National Museum and Library, poems from Korean Veterans, "With Pen in Hand."

Life Special: The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm.
The words are there; the pictures say more. This is the voice of the children.

Literary Memories.
Read the thoughts of others and how they expressed them so powerfully.
Take the LiveReal Tour on a search for the Meaning of Life. Concentration is in Four Arenas: Physical, Relationship, Psychology, and Spiritual.

Mall for Heroes.
Interesting site with lots of information on how you can help our Veterans. Please visit.

Mall for Heroes: Support Military Service Men & Women.
APO addresses for Any Service Member.

Marianne Williamson.
Links to Marianne's work; Global Renaissance Alliance, and an interesting book called, Imgaine: What America Could Be in the Twenty-first Century.

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
A self-claimed Army brat of a Canadian military family, Michael soared to success in Family Ties. He now faces the most difficult role of his life with a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. And yet, Michael calls himself a " Lucky Man. " Find out why at the Research website. And Michael, thank you for so many, many smiles.
Useful information about military matters, transitions to civilian life, as well as very good links to other related sites.

Military/Veterans Associations. supplies addresses for associations and organizations.

These are our children. They are our responsibility. Visit with them and with Alexia Lewnes who for more than four years "has been reporting on the kids who live on New York City's streets. These kids sleep on sidewalks, are arrested, get beaten up, are chased by people they owe money to, and trade sex for food, drugs, shelter, companionship." Look around. What children are living on the streets in your hometown?

Modern History Sourcebook: World War I Poetry.
Poems about the War to End All Wars

Museum of World Religions.
Occupying three floors over a department store in Taipei, a quiet elevator ride takes you to a cleansing waterwall. Here you will find in fourteen languages the words:Love is our shared truth. Peace is our eternal hope.

My Generation from AARP.
Please see article, "Vietnam Vets and the New War."

National Center for PTSD.
At the forefront of efforts to study the effects of psychological trauma.

National Council for Social Studies.
Teachable Moments: Terror and Tolerance.

National Council of Teachers of English.
The National Council is an Association of Educators in the fields of Literacy, Language Arts, and English Studies. You will find many interesting ideas to help faciliate, and make enjoyable, your writing experiences. Check for fresh ideas to expand your writing world under "Teaching Ideas."

National World War II Memorial.
View the progress being made on construction

Oil Paintings for Sale by Famous Ukrainian Artists.
Oil Paintings for Sale by Famous Ukrainian Artists. There is some lovely work here!

Oklahoma Agent Orange Foundation.
APO post for sending a message to any enlisted personnel who is looking for one. Click on over, take a moment, and send a ball score, a weather report, a 'you are in our prayers message.' Make them KNOW we are here for them now, and will be here to Welcome Them Home. - Online Journal.
Oprah Winfrey has provided online space for private as well as shared journals. See this interesting site for an explanation of six different types of journal work.

Original Paintings for Sale by Famous Ukrainian Artists.
Buy oil paintings by famous Ukrainian Artists. There is some lovely art work here!

Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Parker J. Palmer: A Movement Model of Social Change.
An interesting model. Where do you think you might find yourself in it with your healing, with your writing?

Parker J. Palmer: The Heart of a Teacher: Identity and Integrity in Teaching.
This is a wonderful article, just as important to being your true self, and to your writing, as it is to the teaching profession. In one way or another, we are all teachers in some way; if you are writing, that is even more true.

Parker Palmer: The Grace of Great Things: Recovering the Sacred in Knowing, Teaching, and Learning.
"...if we recovered a sense of the sacred, we would recover the humility that makes teaching and learning possible."

Peace, Department of Peace: A Conceptual Framework.
H.R. 2459 introduced by Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)calling for a Department of Peace as well as a Cabinet Position.

Persian Gulf War Syndrome.
Papers on problems related to the Gulf War.

Plough is the Bruderhof - a community movement with a common basis of faith in Christ. See this site for a free e-book: War: A Call to an Inner Life

A truly compassionate and caring site for those still left to wonder.

Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation.
Learn how to use Dr. Maxwell Maltz's techniques of "Theater of the Mind," "Mental Rehearsal," to change the course of your life. Also available at the site is the "Zero Resistance Living Newsletter" which provides support and explanation for the theories behind Dr. Maltz's work.

PTSD Alliance.
Offers information and resources about posttraumatic stress disorder to consumers and professionals, links to the member organizations and other relevant resources and links.

A Nobel Peace Prize winning organization dedicated to reducing the danger of armed conflict and all its concomitant parts.

Return Trip to Vietnam 4/9 Manchu ' 66 .
Join these 5 Veterans on their return trip to Vietnam as they share it with you with words, pictures, and heart.

Ride to the Wall.
Remember, " We gotta get out of this place...?" Paul Revere and the Raiders....? Join Paul on his ride The Wall.

Rocky Mountain Institute.
A non-profit organization for the "efficient and restorative use of resources."

Siegfried Sassoon Poetry Page.
Sassoon was one of the most outspoken of the First World War Generation on the realities of war.

Signatories to Ottawa Treaty About Landmines.
"-every 22 minutes, someone is killed or maimed by a landmine, and 90% are civilians. " from Loung Ung, Campaign for a Landmine Free World brochure. Get more information at the website about the signatories to this treaty and links to more information.

Sixties Project: Viet Nam Generation Journal On-Line.
While this site has not been updated in quite awhile, there are some interesting thoughts shared on it.

Smithsonian Institution: Armed Forces History.
Presents fact sheets, reading lists, and links for the Armed Forces throughout the history of the United States.
Nurturing open hearts, open souls, and friendships.

Space Preservation Act of 2002 (Introduced in the House).
Representative Dennis Kucinich( D-Ohio) introduced a bill "To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by...."

Starshine Foundation.
A new way to look at things from some of the leading edge minds of the world.

Steerforth Press.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
Access to international research on peace
A new search engine - give it a try.

The Compulsive Reader.
An interesting and informative site for the person who loves to read. For those of you with interest in Vietnam issues, I recommend the review: The Art of the Art of War: An examination of the work of Tim O'Brien by Jack Goodstein.

The Life of Learning.
Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 18 books and tape albums on self-realization and higher success. His works, which have sold over a million copies worldwide and have been translated into ten languages, are recommended by doctors, ministers, and industry leaders. For information about Guy Finley's books, booklets, tapes, and helpful on-going study groups call (541) 476-1200 or visit where you can also sign up to receive a free, weekly Key Lesson.

The Niquahanam Project.
Help to heal the world.

The Wolfhounds.
This site has lots of letters: people looking for people and information: can you help?

Tim O'Brien's Home Page.
Homepage for the Vietnam novelist.

What the main obstacles are to tolerance and peace with proposals on how to deal with them.

Tolerance Programme.
A Global Quest for Tolerance.

Tribute to Desert Storm Vets.
Honors all branches of the service in this engagement.

Under Shekhinah's Wings .
A lovely site visiting with cross-cultural women's spirituality.

United States Military Academy at West Point.
WestPoint celebrates its Bicentennial this year. To all of you who have served, our heartfelt thanks. To those of you in service now, our prayers for your safe return.

United Veterans Beacon House/Homeless Veterans Program.
Homeless Veterans Statistics; the vision for the United Veterans Beacon House from the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.

USA Freedom Corps.
Helps match potential volunteers with local community service organizations. Remember, healing is found in serving others.

Share the feelings of the sister of a Doughnut Dolly.

Utopian Philosophy.
An interesting summary of "The Ultimate Philosophy" and free download of books relating to it.

Vet Friends.
Do you want to find a buddy with whom you served? Do you want to find someone in active service? Do you enjoy military humor? Do you need help finding your military records? Try Vet Friends.

Vets With a Mission.
"...called to the ministry of reconciliation..." (II Cor.5:18)

Vietnam Database.
Military USA Serving Veterans Worldwide provides search facilities if you are looking for a buddy. There is also provision for posting a reunion, researching casualties, and Veterans Organizations

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
The Vietnam Memorial was dedicated on November 13, 1982. It bears the names of those who did not come home. It is a place of deep, deep healing for those who did. It is a place to heal the split in the nation, the hurt carried by those who served and were not Welcomed Home. Please help support it.

Vietnam Veterans of America.
Explains the purpose of the organization and lists local chapters.

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.
"As veterans who understand the causes, conduct, and consequences of war..."

Vietnam War Bibliography.
Edwin E. Moise has compiled a vast bibliography of materials relating to the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Women's Memorial.
265,000 women served as volunteers in Vietnam

Virtual Wall.
Visit the Virtual Wall.

Welcome Home.
A place to chat; to share personal and collective history. Relaxed, informal sharing of dreams, victories, failures,reflections and visions for the future

When Can We Come Home?.
Website and writings of Harry Kieninger, Vietnam combat medic.

Nec Aspera Terrent.

World Historical Fiction.
A very interesting site presenting reading and reviews for many areas of historic interest.

World War I Memorial Arlington National Cemetary.
Visit the Memorial for those who fought the war to end all wars.

Write.MS Writer's Resource Center.
Join John Hewitt and other writers for some inspiring articles on the craft of writing, interviewing, poetry. You will also find book reviews, links to some of the best books on the writing life, and links to some Top Writing Sites.

Writing in Flow by Susan K. Perry.

"Why I Love Her" (America).
Poetic tribute to America by John Mitchum, narrated by John Wayne, with lovely photographic images.