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WelcomeHomeSoldier has not always formally been a weblog. It originated in 2001 through the now long-defunct and hardly remembered WebSeed Publishing, whose dynamic sites anticipated the crucial aspect of the modern blog—discrete entries arranged by date in descending order.

The site therefore does not predate weblogs as such, but it does predate the ubiquity of the phenomenon and the rise of the "blogosphere." By current standards, WelcomeHomeSoldier's content has always qualified it as a weblog, but until early 2006 it retained basically the content management system and user interface created in the early days of its independence to mimic those furnished by WebSeed.

That user interface is, of course, now obsolete, and the site and its content management system have accordingly been re-designed to reflect the conventions of the blogging genre and capacitate its worthier features—particularly permitting user comments, which we encourage for any of our articles, of whatever age. We have, however, construed these conventions as liberally as seems convenient, developing our own CMS and retaining some features developed before this present transition.

Convenient subdivisions of this large body of articles are afforded by the archives and category indices which may be observed on the menu to the left and in the Site Map. Many—most—of these articles, particularly those comprising the seminar: Using History for Healing and Writing, are intended to be of enduring interest, and we suggest that the visitor look beyond the front page.

P. M. Rodriguez (Webmaster).
22. May 2006.