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Our Covenant
Remy Benoit

(Monday th 2nd)

He walked the city streets at night all through the late forties. A car backfired, and he hit the ground. It is in the eyes; in the eyes where they have been, what they have seen —Oh, you’re back.

Part I
Remy Benoit

(Monday th 2nd)

Many Veterans have asked me what is the place in history of their war, their sacrifice. Many have found some relief, peace, and the beginning of resolution in putting their feelings on paper. It is my hope that this seminar will be of assistance in that effort.

Dau Tieng
Michael Pectol

(Tuesday th 3rd)

Part II
Remy Benoit

(Saturday th 7th)

What are you looking for with your writing? Are you looking for self-expression? Are you looking for healing; writing to bring yourself home? The exercises and discussion in Part 2 will help you along your path.

Part III
Remy Benoit

(Wednesday th 18th)

In Part 3 we will look at our dreams, daydreams, reflections, and memories in an effort to see what they mean to us and how they can help us to live in the present with a heightened awareness and appreciation of our place in the world and our progress along our personal paths. Please be aware that the writings you will find throughout this seminar were donated with love by many people, from all age groups, from all over the world, in the hope that their thoughts and writings will help you along your way to peace.

Getting Out of the Jungle
Harry Kieninger

(Friday th 20th)

Harry Kieninger, author of "When Can We Come Home: Understanding the Viet Nam Vet," served for six months as a combat medic at Cu Chi. He offers his advice and experience about how to come home.

Part IV, Looking at All Sides
Remy Benoit

(Tuesday th 24th)

Writing is work, hard work. So is building a life; so is finding yourself...

Touching Creation
Remy Benoit

(Monday th 30th)