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Part IX: Music
Remy Benoit

(Wednesday th 5th)

What is the role of music in our lives?

20 Insights Into the Secret of Letting Go
Guy Finley

(Tuesday th 11th)

The secret of letting go not only hold the keys for ending what is unwanted, but locked within this same supreme secret is the beginning of a new life - the birth of a new nature that never has to hold on to anything because it already is everything. Let the following special insights speed you on your way.

A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
Remy Benoit

(Thursday th 13th)

A review of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. For almost the past quarter of a century it has been my privilege to read the work of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; to travel with him on the amazing spiritual journey he has undertaken.

Opening of the D-Day Museum
Remy Benoit

(Saturday th 22nd)

War has been defined as many things; among them a "breakdown in diplomacy" and "hell." It is both of those, but it is so very, very much more.