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Remy Benoit is a woman capable of holding up the world with her compassion. Her words are rich and musical; the voice of a woman writing in the midst of chaos with the steady heart and hand, a woman without fear, a woman who loves, a woman who knows.

—Caris MacDonald
Author of "Elegy"

Remy Benoit is a passionate person who speaks from the heart about issues that should concern us all. Her use of figurative language is nothing short of mesmerizing as her rich metaphors leap off the page and allow the reader the opportunity to truly experience the feelings and emotions inherent in the passage. Remy's attention to detail and quest for the truth make her an exceptionally valuable writer as we continue to seek the light in these confusing times.

—Ted J. Weiner, Retired Chair
English Department
Abington Senior High School
Abington, PA

I've known Remy Benoit for a long time, and have read many of her works. I've dealt much with her on the subject of War, Victims of War, especially focusing on Vietnam Veterans suffering P.T.S.D.

She is a writer, teacher, historian, and counsellor. I am a living witness of her dedication, devotion and professionalism.

Her Goal is to promote Peace in the lives and minds of War torn victims and to educate the unknowing thousands who simply don't know the horror of War and the lasting effects thereof.

Her writings are not just something she does, they are the total expression of her heart, mind, soul and spirit.

Her writings are her life.

Remy is a writer whose goal is to bring Peace and Love to a world that has too much hate and bitterness, too many victims of war and war memories.

Reading just one of her books will convince you that Remy is truly a stateswoman of our time.

—Harry Kieninger, Combat Medic
25th Div. 27th. Inf.
Cu- Chi. South Vietnam.

With a BA from Pennsylvania State University and an MA in history from West Chester State University, I was a teacher for many years of young people from seventh grade through college.

I believe the young people of the world have a great deal to offer, and am an advocate of their rights as individuals as well as the great need for their active participation in the shaping of the world. There is a need for cross-generational sharing and understanding.

While history cannot be changed, it is imperative that we know our past on this increasingly smaller planet, to shape a better future.

My work is to bring to national attention not only to the realities of war, but to the reality of the lives of those sent to serve.

Working with war Veterans, our concern is to create public awareness and consciousness of the realities of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, not only in the lives of the Veterans themselves, but its impact on their families and friends. The country must remember that a great debt is owed by the general population to those sent to serve and that they should not be shelved and forgotten.

A more intensive study of history must be made part of school curricula; if we do not know where we have been we cannot know where we are going.

I advocate the collection of oral histories, invaluable sources of information, which if not recorded and shared, are quickly forever lost. Veterans History Project.