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A new year, a new path | Merry Christmas | What is ALEC and why Mother Nature is not pleased | Happy 4th of July! | TAPS | Sebastian Junger; Veterans Need to Share the Moral Burden of War | Gordon Brown: Girls in the Crosshairs | How about a car that floats and doesn't need gas! | Sgt.Christopher Gaynor: American Hero Quilts | Review: William Peterson: Missions of Fire and Mercy Until Death Do Us Part.

A new year, a new path

by Remy Benoit

You can make a difference in the way of the world that each day seems more overwhelmingly wicked, filled with financial deceit and with endless war.

Peace, honesty, all the good things, start with individual acts on a daily basis.

We send soldiers to war and must support them when they come home. You can help with that.

Children are abused all the time. You can look for signs of that and take action. Why should an international soccer championship game be a place to pimp child sex slaves?

Drones are used in our names. You have a voice in that if you use it.

Your neighbors cannot perhaps electric bills, put food on the table. Community awareness can help with that.

The world needs mending; endless war is endless insanity. Endless poverty, abuse, is not acceptable.

What are you going to do this year to help change the wicked ways that must be confronted?

Don't just make a resolution, take action.

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Merry Christmas

by Remy Benoit

It is the Christmas season and everyone speaks of 'that holiday feeling' with compassion, good will, love.

Our soldiers, our hungry, our homeless, our underpaid, our unemployed need us to stand with them against greed and corruption.

If you maintain the holiday feeling all year then you will step up to demand care for all of us. Compassion and commitment make great nations on the path of peace rather than division, rather than on the destructive spiraling path of endless war.
Peace and blessings to all.
Miz' Remy

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What is ALEC and why Mother Nature is not pleased

by Remy Benoit

Watch the video, find out how ALEC is tied to the Koch Brothers and others; how ALEC does not like renewal energy; how profits are all there is. Not nature, no you, just profits at any costs.

A kind of lobbying that undermines your vote.
ALEC Turns 40, but whose behind it?.


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Happy 4th of July!

by Remy Benoit

Just remember as you watch the fireworks who sacrificed so much to protect your freedom! Join me at Remy Benoit Writing on All Things." for my 4th of July message.

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by Remy Benoit


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Sebastian Junger; Veterans Need to Share the Moral Burden of War

by Remy Benoit

At the Washington Post Veterans Need to Share the Moral Burden of War.

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Gordon Brown: Girls in the Crosshairs

by Remy Benoit

At RSN Girls in the Crosshairs.

While we try to bring freedom to other nations so girls will be treated as intelligent human beings, some try to undermine the rights of women here.

That is not what so many, in so many ways, have fought for.

Please stand behind the girls trying to learn and to help protect this young girl. Sign if you think a 15 year old raped by her father should be lashed 100x for "sex outside of marriage.

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How about a car that floats and doesn't need gas!

by Remy Benoit

Levitating Car.

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Sgt.Christopher Gaynor: American Hero Quilts

by Remy Benoit

American Hero Quilts struggles to continue its mission

I am sitting with my cherished friend Sue Nebeker, co-founder of American Hero Quilts, at the breakfast table in her Vashon Island, Washington home (on three levels directly below us are the workshops and storage for American Hero Quilts. See my Album of photos). We are enjoying excellent cups of coffee and looking out over South Puget Sound on this, the first day of spring. The view from our vantage point is spectacular. The clouds have been swept away by the strong winds from the west and the water sparkles. Sue calls my attention to the eagles that have nested at the top of a tree very near her house. An adult eagle soars past us, its huge wings catching the updraft as it expertly touches down on a branch next to the nest. We have been comparing notes on the progress of our respective diseases, as we usually do when we meet, her MS, my Parkinson’s.
But, as enjoyable as it always is to chat with my friend, this is not purely a social call. I have just handed her a check for $500 on behalf of American Legion Post 159 in my capacity as 1st Vice Commander. I ask her, “How is American Hero Quilts doing?” The short answer, “We’re in trouble”. Sadly, this fine organization, which has delivered 12,486 quilts to wounded warriors since its founding in 2004, has run out of funds(each quilt costs about $300 in materials, all labor is donated). One company which has been donating essential materials is no longer able to do so, and donations have fallen off sharply because of the mistaken impression that the war in Afghanistan is winding down.

Please donate to help create these beautiful quilts for our soldiers. American Heroes Quilts.

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Review: William Peterson: Missions of Fire and Mercy Until Death Do Us Part

by Remy Benoit

Missions of Fire and Mercy.

I am of an age that saw the transition of helicopters, which, as kids, we all looked up to see with excitement, become the choppers of the American War in Viet Nam with all the mixed emotions that very name carries with it.

I have never physically been in one, not one much for flying, but I just spent a year with Bill Peterson and his crew flying in one over, and into, the green. It took me several weeks to read this book as Bill's words, descriptions, adrenaline highs, terror, doubt, pride all seized my heart, soul and mind and I could hear the blades cutting through the air; feel the vibration; smell the cordite and fuel; and taste the very soul of their missions of fire and mercy.

I had to stop, put down the book awhile to process it all, even though I write with veterans of Viet Nam all the time. Bill's words are so open, so on target, that the reader has to come down from the mission.

That is real writing; that is Bill's truth that he is sharing with readers.

The crew took the soldiers into cold or hot LZ's, knowing they would come back for them, perhaps later that day seeing their fear going in; carrying some out grievously wounded; bringing some out for whom the war, for whom life, was over. They flew in with adrenaline highs to stay alive; to shoot at the enemy from the air; to feel the impact of the enemy shells on the skin of their flying machines. They knew, absolutely knew, each time they went out that this could be the last mission; that they might crash and burn, crash and explode, be shot out of the air as they went on these missions of fire and mercy.

They lost their buddies, their fellow crew members; they made bonds that would last for a lifetime. They manned their flying ships, hating the enemy; questioning the impact of the war on the Vietnamese; bewildered, and yes, angered, by the ineptitude of those in Washington running the war, doctoring kill rates, white washing the Five O'Clock Follies.

They rejoiced at letters and packages from home; they sweltered in the heat and humidity; and they carried on, each and every day, revving up those engines, taking those birds on missions only with the thought of protecting, supplying, transporting those consigned to fight their way through the boonies, the jungle, the night that belonged to the enemy.

They sought cover as their base of operations was leveled and they lost the few precious personal possessions and letters they had; the witnessed first hand the nightmare of Khe Sanh. And each morning, they got up before dawn, revved up those engines, and went at it again.

I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough if you want to know; really want to know, really want to feel what it was like to be in one of those metal birds: flying over, into the green, defying enemy guns, defying death each time you rev up an engine and take to the air; each time you come down to drop off soldiers or supplies; each time you drop down to pick up soldiers running on their own, being carried by the buddies with their innards spewing out of them.

Purple Heart Awards, 36 Air Medals, Presidential Citation, Vietnamese Cross of Galantry tell you something of what Bill knew; but what is open heart, open soul is what Bill shared with a refugee from Viet Nam, a woman who became an American citizen, years later, who brought him coffee, breakfast, and perhaps some healing for both of them. What bond did her time starving in the jungle and his in the air form between them?

If you want truth, if you want reality, if you want to know war and what those we send come to know when we send them, the open your heart, your soul, and your mind to what Bill Peterson has to tell you. It just might change your thoughts on oh so many realities only those who have been there know; it just might make you work harder so less get to know those horrors. So less live forever after with post-traumatic stress. Live or die with the legacy of Agent Orange of the chemical du jour.

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